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National motorway construction programme
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Spatial planning
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Motorway system in construction
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Environmental aspect

National motorway construction programme

In order to provide an adequate and efficient road system, improve road safety, ensure integration with the broader European area and to boost economic growth (strategic goals), maximise economic effects and minimise the pollution of the environment, ensure greater economic, social and tourist benefits, and at the same time maintain the existing motorway infrastructure (structural goals), the National Assembly, on 15 November, enacted the National Motorway Construction Programme in the Republic of Slovenia (published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 13/96). On 23 April, the National Assembly enacted all the amendments to the National Motorway Construction Programme (the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia 11/98). National Motorway Construction Programme envisages the completion and improvement of motorways and other roads in mainly two directions:
  • Norteast - Southwest from Šentilj (Slovenian - Austrian border) to Koper with exits till the Slovenian -Italian border at Fernetiči and Vrtojba and Slovenian - Hungarian border at Pince and Dolga vas, from Maribor in direction Gruškovje on Slovenian - Croatian border and Postojna/Divača till Jelšane on Slovenian - Croatian border;
  • Northwest - Southeast from the Karavanke Tunnel on the Slovenian - Austrian border to Obrežje on the Slovenian - Croatian border.
The Slovene motorway route heading from East to West is in line with the V. European Transportation Corridor (Trieste, Koper, Postojna, Ljubljana, Budapest), the motorway heading in the direction North - South is also in line with the X. European Transportation Corridor.
On the abovementioned lines, the National Motorway Construction Programme envisages the building of the following:
  • 538.6 km of motorways and expressways;
  • 34 km of other public roads serving as feeders to the motorway network;
  • the renovation of 101 km of public roads due to the motorway construction; and
  • implementation of 28 re-routing and similar such construction projects where motorway construction impinges on the national railway network.
Reconstruction and other improvements and upgrades of part of the main and regional roads, which will temporarily facilitate the tasks of the not- yet-built motorway network, are a part of the National Motorway Construction Programme. These improvements to the road system will make connection of the bigger inhabited areas to the motorway system much easier and provide much better flow of traffic on the V. European Transportation Corridor.
The anticipated estimate of the investment value of the motorway construction and construction of other public roads and work on the railway system after the changes and modifications of the National Motorway Construction Programme in the Republic of Slovenia, is USD 4.1 billion.


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