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DARS d.d.
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Important telephone numbers

Since its establishment in December 1993, DARS d.d. has been headquartered in Celje. 

The Ljubljana branch office performs a number of business functions of the company, including general and personnel affairs, legal affairs, finance, accounting, planning and analysis, information technology, ITS, quality, communication, sales marketing. The company’s management is also located in Ljubljana.

General information tel. no. (+386)
Ulica XIV. divizije 4, 3000 Celje
Branch office
Dunajska 7, 1000 Ljubljana
Toll user center (CUC) 080-15-03
Traffic information center (PIC) 1970
Answerphone INFO@TEL 080-22-44

Maintenance bases tel. no. (+386)   Branches  tel. no. (+386)
Ljubljana                                      1/518-84-12              Drnovo                         7/490-42-18          
Kozina                                5/618-14-12           Vipava                 5/618-14-26
Hrušica 4/581-29-24   Logatec 5/700-24-33
Novo mesto 7/373-05-36   Podtabor 1/518-85-11
Postojna 5/700-24-12   Ptuj 2/250-68-23
Vransko 3/703-44-12   Dob 1/518-85-90
Slovenske Konjice 3/757-26-82      
Maribor 2/250-68-00      
Murska Sobota 2/535-17-30      
Toll station                       Tel. no. (+386)   Toll station Tel. no. (+386)
Log                  5/700-25-21   Torovo 1/518-84-60
Vrhnika 5/700-25-45   Dob 1/518-85-64
Logatec 5/700-25-61   Kompolje 3/703-44-40
Unec 5/700-25-61   Drnovo 7/490-42-11
Postojna 5/700-25-61   Krško 7/490-42-11
Razdrto 5/700-25-61   Lukovica 3/703-44-40
Nanos 5/700-25-61   Krtina 3/703-44-40
Senožeče 5/618-14-81   Blagovica 3/703-44-40
Dane 5/618-14-83   Pesnica 2/654-43-12
Divača 5/618-14-41   Tepanje 3/757-26-67
Kozina 5/618-14-41   Slovenske Konjice 3/757-26-12
Videž 5/618-14-41   Vransko 3/703-44-52
Bazara 5/303-19-62   Dragotinci 2/535-17-50
Hrušica 4/581-29-21   Prepolje 2/250-68-20

In addition to motorway maintenance bases there are also regional traffic management and control centres (Ljubljana, Kozina, Vransko).

DARS d.d. is currently tolling vehicles >3.5 t at 27 toll stations. On CP Razdrto vehicles >3.5 t can only enter the motorway.

Location of the headquaters, branch office and maintenance bases


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