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DARS d.d.
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Company profile

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Company name: Družba za avtoceste v Republiki Sloveniji (DARS d.d.)
Head office: Ulica XIV. divizije 4, 3000 Celje
tel: +386 3 426-40-71
fax: +386 3 544-20-01
Branch office: Dunajska 7, 1000 Ljubljana
tel: +386 1 300-99-00
fax: +386 1 300-99-01
Traffic Information Centre:  tel: +386 1 518 8 518
Company registration number: 5814251000
VAT number: 92473717
Tax number: SI92473717
Transaction account (DARS d.d.): SI56 05100 – 8000069735 (Abanka d.d.)
Transaction account (National Motorway Construction Programme): 06000-1112292412
Company type: Corporation
Founder: Republic of Slovenia
Shareholder: Republic of Slovenia
Founding capital: 2.319.866.345,16 EUR
Shares issued: 55.592.292
Register entry date and number of registration: 7.12.1993
Number of employees: 1.226 (31.12.2012)
Number of motorway maintenance centre: 9 motorway maintenance centres, 6 branches
Number of toll stations 15 frontal, 13 lateral
Management Board:
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Matjaž Knez M.Sc., Chairman of the board
Franc Skok, Member of the board
Gašper Marc M.Sc., Member of the board
Marjan Sisinger, Member of the board (Labour manager)
Suprevisory Board:
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Marjan Mačkošek, president
Miha Juhart Ph.D., deputy president
Tatjana Colnar M.Sc.
Igor Pirnat M.Sc.
Vito Meško
Rožle Podboršek


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