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Safe driving

In collaboration with the Police and the Road Safety Council of the RS, in 2005 DARS set up the first stationary speedometer on Slovenian motorways. As this project proved to be very successful (on the motorway section where it was set up, the number of traffic accidents fell considerably, and therefore also the number of injured or dead people in those accidents), a decision was made to continue the project of calming down the speed on Slovenian motorways. To this day, a total of 18 casings were set up in the Slovenian motorway network for stationary speedometers. In them, the Police is alternating the use of so far three stationary speedometers (soon some new ones are to be added), so that we are never completely certain in which casing the speedometer is actually placed. When driving past speedometers, just observe the traffic signalisation in place, which is valid from the place where it is set up onwards.   
  Map with the location of the speedmeters - Click on the map to see the enlarged version
Consider the appropriate positioning of vehicles on the motorway in cases of congestion.

Film clips show irrational actions of drivers and events on motorways, at which the operators in regional and surveillance centres have to respond quickly and prudently, to ensure safety of the inducers and other participants in traffic.The main purpose of the short films is to raise the level of driving culture, to show on the basis of real events what can be the consequences of drivers' improper behaviour in road traffic, and thereore prevent many accidents and save human lives.

Watch the short films on improper driving
Driving in tunnels
Driving in windy conditions
Driving in winter conditions

  What to do in a case of an accident on the motorway


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