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Web cams and rest areas
Traffic calendar
Safe driving


Welcome to the chapter Directions!

Here you will find interesting information, which will contribute to safer and more comfortable driving on the Slovenian motorway network. In deciding which days are most appropriate to start a journey you can use traffic calendar. To avoid daily rush hours and for a more rational planning of journey, motorway cameras will be of help, which are shown on the updated map. The map can be magnified and therefore you can examine more closely the road network in Slovenia and exact location of motorway rest areas and cameras.

At DARS company we are striving that the drivers' awareness about the importance of traffic safety would be as high as possible, so you can find in this chapter a range of useful information and advice which is very welcome at any unpredictable events on the roads. To that purpose, we have in the past also prepared numerous pamphlets which you can find at the media centre. We invite all drivers to be tolerant when driving and strictly observe the traffic regulations. Each traffic accident that we will thus prevent, represents an immense value to all of us.

Web cams and rest areas
Safe driving
Traffic calendar

If you would like to plan your route in details, check the following pages:

Motorway accident

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