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The DarsGo system

DarsGo is a modern electronic tolling system in free traffic flow, which will apply to vehicles whose maximum permissible weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes.

You can learn mora about the DarsGo system at

Tolling is possible with the help of a special DarsGo unit, installed in the vehicle. The entire highway and motorway network in the total distance of 618 km is divided into 126 tolling sections. Each section have a tolling portal above the highway through which vehicles passes. The portal detects the DarsGo unit as the vehicle passes by, which is the basis for charging toll amounts for each passed section. Tolling is completely automatic, and the price is based on the driven distance.

A toll fee is paid for each toll section through which the vehicle passes. Its amount is based on the length of an individual section and the properties of the vehicle, e.g. the number of axles and the EURO emission class. The directives for the planning and implementation of the DarsGo system in the Republic of Slovenia are given by the documents of the competent European and state bodies, whereas the main directives are written in the Road Tolling Act. 

Heavy vehicle drivers are no longer able to pay their toll with ABC tags and DARS cards, which they had been using in the old toll system, and the unused credit cannot be transferred to the new DarsGo system since these are completely separate systems.

All users of electronic medias (ABC tags and DARS cards) may request a refund of the remaining credit on these media by 30 June 2018 without taking into consideration the statutory approved discounts for topping up credit and the return of the unamortised value of electronic ABC tags. MORE ...

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