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DARS publications

The Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia (DARS) has published a number of different booklets, including informative leaflets, with the aim of informing the users of Slovenian motorways. You can find individual information leaflets in individual chapters, which inform drivers about the amount of toll and of different ways of toll payment. We have also published booklets about road safety, especially regardning motorway accident and safer driving through the tunnels.

Watch the short films on improper driving on motorways

Click on the picture to view the publication. You need Adobe Reader to view the publication.

  You are not safe (2014)
  Save a life (2012)
  Vignette pamphlet (2014)
  Vignette pamphlet (2013)
  How to use the vignette (2012)
  How to use the vignette (2011)
  What to do in a case of an accident on the motorway
  How to use the vignette (2010)
  How to use the vignette (2009)
  How to use the vignette (2008)
  ABC for cargo vehicles above 3,5t
  Publication: Children Art contest (2008)
  Vignette in the Republic of Slovenia
  Locations of parking zones on Motorways
  Safely through the tunnel
  Traffic information center (2008)
  Pazi, radar! / Drive carefuly, radar (2007)
  Ali ABC tablica ne deluje pravilno? (2007)
  Zapeljujte hitreje / Drive through faster (2007)
  Driving in outstanding weather conditions
  Safely through the tunnel (2007)
  Cut down
the queue (2006)
  Free flow toll system (2006)
  Safely through the tunnel (2005)
  Avoid the
traffic jam(2005)


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