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FAQ about vignette

1. Can I buy the vignette at the toll station?
We advise you to buy the vignette on the border crossing with Slovenia or before it. A control point is always after the first point of sale in Slovenia, which is usually a petrol station. The sales points are marked with the vignette logo. You can find the list on this link.

2. Is it obligatory to save the receipt of the purchased vignette?
It is not obligatory to save the receipt of the vignette, but it is by all means recommended. Saving the receipt, especially of the short period vignettes (weekly, monthly, half-year) is recommended, since DARS will request it in case of a claim for the replacement vignette (for more information, click here) and the validity will not be visible on the removed old vignette. You will also need the invoice for any complaints concerning the quality of the vignette at the sales point or at DarsGo servis Ljubljana or Lopata.

3. Are vehicles with priority right-of-way, as up to now, be exempt from purchasing a vignette? Are there any exemptions from purchasing a vignette?
Within the current toll system, exemptions from payment of toll are specified in the governmental decree on toll-roads and toll for the use of certain roads; more details on that are available on the following link.
Exemptions from payment after the implementation of the vignette-system is specified in the amendment to the Public Roads Act, which was adopted by the Slovenian Parliament. The amendment envisages that vignettes are mandatory for all vehicles, including the police, military, ambulance, fire brigade, and others.

4. How is control of vehicles whether they have a vignette or not,  performed ?
Control of paying toll by vignettes is performed by the police, transport inspectorate, customs administration and toll-collection controllers. The Motorway Company of the Republic of Slovenia (DARS) has obtained the authorities of an administrative offence body.

5. What types of vignettes are available and what are their prices?
Pursuant to the new decree, a weekly, monthly, half-year and an annual vignette (linked to a calendar year) are available.

By purchasing and displaying a vignette on your vehicle, you will have the right to drive that vehicle on all Slovenian motorways and expressways managed by DARS d.d. without limitation for the specified time period (7 days, month, half a year or one year). 

Prices of vignettes.

6. Is the obligation of purchasing a vignette the same for domestic and foreign users of Slovenian motorways? Is there a difference in the price of a vignette for foreign and domestic users?
Foreigners also have to purchase a vignette to use Slovenian motorways, and the price of a vignette is the same for all users, foreign and domestic.

7. After the implementation of vignettes, is toll still collected at toll stations? 
From 1 July 2008 onwards, only the drivers of the vehicles with permissible maximum weight above 3.5 tons are paying toll at toll stations.

8. Is a vignette mandatory for all motorway sections, also for the ones that currently don't have toll stations?
From 1 July 2008, the use of a vignette is mandatory for driving on all Slovenian motorways and expressways managed by DARS d.d., regardless of their length. The use of a vignette is also mandatory for driving on the motorway sections that currently have no toll stations. 

9. Is a vignette transferable among vehicles of the same class?
A vignette is not transferable from one vehicle to another.

10. Is use of a vignette envisaged also for vans? 
The Government of the RS specified implementation of new vignette for two-track motor vehicles with vehicle
height above front axis 1.30 m or more and the maximum authorised mass not exceeding 3.500 kg, with a trailer or without. The new type of vignette is on sale from 1.12.2013. You can find detailed explanation about this novelty here.

All vignettes for the current year 2013 are valid until their date of expiry. There is no need for the drivers of the vehicles, which falls into the class 2B, to remove the valid vignette for 2013 from the vehicle windsheild. The yearly vignette for 2013 is valid until 31.1.2014.

11. Is the price of a vignette driving from one place to another, in case one is using a motorway on such trip?
The price of a vignette does not depend on the distance, they are linked to a particular time period and enable an unlimited use of the entire motorway network in that time period. 

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► Vignette system and roads Information about motorways sections with the mandatory use of vignettes

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