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How to pay the fine

A fine for an offence can be paid to the account stated below.


DARS d.d.
Ulica XIV. Divizije 14, 3000 Celje

Bank account:

IBAN SI56 0110 0845 0156 488

As a reference, please state the number of your payment order.

Please send the receipt of payment by fax to +386 1 51 88 405. If toll supervisors of DARS d.d. seized your documents, we will verify payment to our account before returning them; we will then pass the documents to the embassy of your country.

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► Points of sale Information about authorised vendors of Slovenian vignettes
► DarsGo servis Ljubljana Grič 54, 1000 Ljubljana / Tel.: 080 15 03 ali +386 1 5188350 (Information about vignettes and toll for trucks)
► Vignette system and roads Information about motorways sections with the mandatory use of vignettes

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