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Toll in other european countries

So far tolls have been paid for the advantage of using a motorway as compared to using toll-free raods. Tolls were believed to be a fair and goal-oriented payment in order to enjoy a higher standard of transport services. Recently, however, the principle of payment for a larger part of the costs caused by transporting people and goods has been supported. The road pricing is no longer just a means of payment, but also a means of directing transport (road, rail, others) - in short, an important change in a country's traffic policy.

In Europe the decision to introduce a toll system is a fairly political and transport-related aim. Due to the increase of mobility, the negative effects of traffic should be reduced. The demand for new transport infrastructure, cleaner environment, traffic safety etc. has been increasing, and consequently, more and more resources are needed. However, the present resources and financing instruments are insufficient. No type of transport can cover all the incurred costs (not only the costs of maintaining motorways, toll collecting, etc., but also all other costs arising from new transport areas: environment, use of the areas). Updating toll-collection technology has sped up the trend to introduce tolls all over Europe. Some of the European countries that are collecting tolls are for example: AustriaBelgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, GermanyGreeceHungary, Italy, Netherland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Serbia and Slovenia. Some countries like Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republik, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia in Switzerland have introduced the vignette system too.

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