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Open tolling system

On the roads with open tolling systems, a toll station is simultaneously an entry and exit toll station, and the amount of toll depends on the calculated and not the actually covered distance. The user pays the toll only if he or she passes through a toll station.

Toll for vehicles with the maximum permissible weight over 3.5 tones on the Slovenian toll roads is paid directly - classically (by payment cards, cash) and electronically (DARS card/DARS card Transporter and ABC tag)

Toll roads in the open tolling system:

Toll road Section Toll station Type of station Distance
A1 Šentilj - Maribor Šentilj - Maribor Pesnica lateral 18.0 km
A1 Maribor - Arja vas Maribor - Arja vas Tepanje frontal 57.4 km
  Hoče - Slovenske Konjice Slovenske Konjice lateral 27.1 km
  Slovenske Konjice - Arja vas Slovenske Konjice lateral 27.1 km
A1 Arja vas – Trojane Arja vas - Trojane Vransko frontal 27.5 km
A1 Trojane - Ljubljana Trojane - Ljubljana Kompolje frontal 36.0 km
  Blagovica - Trojane Blagovica lateral 8.7 km
  Lukovica - Ljubljana Lukovica lateral 18.5 km
  Krtina - Ljubljana Krtina lateral 14.9 km
H4 Ajdovščina - Vrtojba Ajdovščina - Vrtojba Bazara frontal 22.9 km
A2 Podtabor - Ljubljana (Koseze) Podtabor - Ljubljana (Koseze) Torovo frontal 39.3 km
A2 Ljubljana - Novo mesto V Ljubljana - Novo mesto V Dob frontal 61.6 km
A2 Novo mesto V (Lešnica)-Obrežje N. mesto V (Lešnica)-Obrežje Drnovo frontal 46.3 km
  N. mesto V (Lešnica)-SCP Krško Krško lateral 26.0 km
  SCP Krško - Obrežje Krško lateral 20.3 km
A5 Maribor (Dragučova)-Lenart-Sv. jurij ob Ščavnici-Vučja vas-Murska Sobota-Lendava (Pince) Maribor (Dragučova)-Lenart-Sv. Jurij ob Ščavnici-Vučja vas-Murska Sobota-Lendava (Pince) Dragotinci frontal 79.6 km
A4 Maribor – Slivnica – Ptuj (Draženci) Maribor – Slivnica – Ptuj (Draženci) Prepolje frontal 30.6 km

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