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DarsGo servis

Toll user center gives information related to means of payment to users of slovenian motorways.

DarsGo servis Ljubljana  DarsGo servis Lopata
Address: DARS d.d., Grič 54, 1000 Ljubljana
Adress: DARS d.d., Rest area Lopata  

It is located on the rest area Lopata (near Celje) in the direction of Maribor, it is accessible also in the direction of Ljubljana (across junction Celje Zahod)
Working time:
  • Monday - Friday 6.30 - 21.00 
  • Saturday 8.00 - 13.00     
  • Closed: Holidays and Sundays  
Working time:
  • Monday - Friday 6.30 - 21.00 
  • Saturday 8.00 - 13.00  
  • Closed: Holidays and Sundays 
Coordinates: 46.060326, 14.450431 Coordinates: 46.261252, 15.221370
Information: +386 1 5188-350 or e-mail: cuc(at)

Besides information DarsGo servis offer also the following services:
  • we sell the Austrian vignette at toll center Lopata
  • sale and issuance of vignettes to final users,
  • issuance of substitute vignettes,
  • assistance and support to the users of the vignette tolling,
  • returning credit on the electronic tags of the ABC system or on DARS cards,
  • sale of DARS cards (DK),
  • payment of credit and transfer of credit for electronic tags and cards,
  • reclamation and exchange of electronic media
  • we make you also prints of the use of ABC tags for the past periods,
  • adjustment of electronic media with regard to the EURO emission class.

Buy the Austrian vignette

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