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Tolling system and roads

The following ways of colletcting toll exist in Slovenia:
  MOTORWAY NETWORK WITH TOLL STATIONS - Click on the draft for enlarged version
Toll for vehicles>3,5t is collected at 27 toll stations which consist of a total of 195 tolling lanes, including 62 lanes for vehicles using vignettes, 59 combined lanes (vignettes + cargo vehicles>3,5t), 60 regular lanes and 14 fast ABC lanes intended solely for vehicles with the maximum permissible weight over 3.5 tones. Six tolling lanes are intended for tolling of the Karavanke motorway tunnel at the Hrušica toll station.

The toll collection system is a modern, permanent, stable and long-term source for funding the management and maintenance of the motorways, for the construction of new motorways and repayment of loans.

With the Decree on toll roads and tolls for the use of toll roads, Slovenia has harmonised the manner and system of toll payment with the guidelines of the European Union, which arise from the green paper of the European Union on effective price policy for transport and the Directive of the European Union on transport duties. With the Decree on toll roads and tolls for the use of certain roads, the Government of the RS also determined the methods of payment of toll on the Slovenian toll roads.

In both executive acts, the Government of the RS has implemented the guidelines of the European Union on promoting of a fairer method of toll payment and subsequently reducing the flat rate method of payment. The guidelines of the European Union on refunds for the use of toll roads stipulate that users should pay toll which depends on the actual number of covered length of the road and the damage to the road caused by their vehicles. Therefore, fair toll payment systems should be encouraged and flat rate tolling systems should be limited.

In accordance with the EU Directive and the new action plan adopted by the Government of the RS on 26 November 2009, we are planning to establish an electronic toll collection system in the free traffic flow on the entire motorway network.

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