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Your local »DarsGo servis« customer centre will provide information regarding toll payment.


Traffic information 24/7

The traffic information centre provides 24/7 information about the traffic conditions on motorways, expressways and other public roads.


Information available to the media

We realise the importance of relaying information regarding our company to the media and other stakeholders in a timely and proper manner.



The »DarsGo servis« offices provide help and support to the users of the DarsGo system. The system allows users of the tolling system to register, acquire the DarsGo unit and arrange payments and refunds regarding electronic tolling of heavy vehicles. The »DarsGo servis« offices in Ljubljana, Obrežje, Fernetiči, Gruškovje, Hrušica and Maribor rest area, Obrežje provide help and support to users of vignettes. Some also allow users to make all neccessary arrangements regarding the substitute vignette. MORE ...


'DarsGo servis' offices
Ljubljana, Obrežje, Fernetiči, Gruškovje, Hrušica

+386 (0)1 518 83 50

Traffic information centre

We provide information about the conditions on Slovenian motorways, expressways, and other public roads.

Traffic information centre

080 22 44 - INFO@TEL

Information to the media

Information is given to the media by our PR staff.

Public relations
Dunajska 7, 1000 Ljubljana

+386 (0) 1 300 98 64

General contact information

Ulica XIV. divizije 4, 3000 Celje
+386 (0)3 426 40 40
Branch office,
Dunajska 7, 1000 Ljubljana
+386 (0)1 300 99 00
Head office
Management board