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600 kilometres of motorways and expressways

Guaranteed traffic safety, free traffic flow and comfort for the highway network users.

Business stability

Guaranteed traffic safety, free traffic flow and comfort for the highway network users.

Competent employees

Continuous enhancement of employee competence creating an inspiring, safe and engaging working environment.

About us

By building, managing and maintaining the motorways and expressways of Slovenia, we connect the country and provide our users with a safe and comfortable mobility. We take various measures to guarantee road safety and ensure an uninterrupted traffic flow on the motorway network. Special emphasis is given to raising awareness about a safe and tolerant driving style among users and the general public, as well as regular and timely reports on traffic conditions.

Our main operations

Tolling system

We manage a vignette tolling system for vehicles weighing up to 3,500 kg, and open and closed tolling systems for freight vehicles weighing over 3,500 kg. By logging into our user portal, freight vehicle drivers can check their balance, upload credit, and order new or additional electronic devices.



We carry out regular summer and winter maintencance of motorways and expressways, ramps and junctions, rest areas, and other roads. To ensure the highest possible level of uninterrupted traffic flow, we also carry out urgent maintenance measures at night. In addition, we cooperate with intervention services to ensure open roads in case of accidents.


Road Management

Our management of property, roads, rest areas, road equipment and facilities on motorways and expressways is efficient and environmentally friendly. We undertake socially responsible projects to increase traffic safety, we supervise and control traffic 24/7, and inform users about the traffic conditions.


Investments and reconstruction

Development and reconstruction of motorways and expressways, managed and maintained by DARS d.d., is financed from different sources. The majority of financing is done with the help of bank loans, while the rest is funded from our own resources, European grants, and other sources.


Other services

  • Telecommunication services: service providers and business users have the option of renting optic connections along the entire length of the motorway in order to connect to a high quality and safe network. More ... 
  • Access to Wi-Fi in rest areas. More ...
  • Austrian vignette points of sale: you can order and purchase an Austrian vignette at the Hrušica toll station, Gruškovje and Obrežje border crossings, and via the user portal. More ...