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Welcome to the Media Centre of DARS d.d.

DARS d.d. is aware of the importance of timely and correct supply of information relating our company to the media and public. The users can find all press releases and archives under the Press Releases section on our website

The company DARS d.d. operates in public interest and is open to public. We strive to answer your questions correctly, professionally and as soon as possible.

In order to prepare answers, the Communication Service often cooperates with colleagues who deal with various fields of operation in our company, which means that time necessary for the preparation of answers also depends on their time, availability and the complexity of questions.

Although, the majority of questions are answered within the same day, we inform media representatives that we may supply replies within 24 hours (or by the next business day in case of public holidays), but no later than seven business days from the receipt of the question.

The Communication Service of DARS d.d. does not only deliver information to the media. We pay a lot of attention to the users of our roads and expressways, and to all, who wish to receive more information on the operation of the company and our services.

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Information available to the media

We realise the importance of relaying information regarding our company to the media and other stakeholders in a timely and proper manner.



Your local »DarsGo servis« customer centre will provide information regarding toll payment.


Traffic information 24/7

The traffic information centre provides 24/7 information about the traffic conditions on motorways, expressways and other public roads.