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Public procurement

In accordance with the regulations on public procurement, which stipulate that the contracting party publish all information on the procedures of public procurement on their web portal (thus ensuring the transparency of said public procurement), DARS d.d. began publishing all information on current procurements on 1 November 2007.

The introduction of the separate web portal does not exempt DARS d.d. from the obligation of publishing information on the national web portal dedicated to all public procurements: The portal offers announcements on current procedures, as well as information on finished procedures.

The web portal distinguishes procedures worth over 40,000 EUR (goods and services) and/or procedures worth over 80,000 (construction) from procedures that cost less. However, the procedures are not distinguished in terms of the subject of public procurement. The actively updated section of the web portal will also publish basic information, procurement documentation and all potential clarifications and changes to the procurement documentation. Viewing and copying the procurement documentation, along with other published documents, is free and unlimited.

With the introduction of the web portal, DARS d.d. has ceased to send procurement documentation in paper form, unless the specific documentation requires otherwise – such as when technical circumstances disallow scanning the project documentation and prevent its subsequent publishing on the web portal.

In accordance with the legislation, DARS d.d. always informs at least three different tenderers about the beginning of the procedure, during the stage of collecting tenders. However, the announcement no longer contains procurement documentation –  it instead provides information about the publishment on the web portal. The archive will publish basic information on signed contracts (procedure for collecting tenders and contracts based on the basis of other procedures will be listed separately). For additional information regarding specific procurement procedures, interested parties must reach out to the contact given in each individual procurement documentation.