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Efficient and environmentally friendly road management

Our road management ensures an uninterrupted traffic flow and the highest level of safety and comfort for users of Slovenian motorways and expressways. Due to weather impacts, technological upgrades and the increasing traffic volume, the motorway network needs a diligent road authority that takes care of property, roads, facilities and road equipment, all with environmental protection in mind.

We monitor and manage motorway and expressway traffic 24/7, cooperating with the neighbouring countries. We strive to improve traffic safety. With the help of Traffic information centre, we inform users of the motorway network and state roads about the traffic conditions.

Our road management ensures sustainability and functionality of the infrastructure, equipment and telecommunications. We strive to enhance user satisfaction, and decrease congestions and the amount of traffic accidents. Our goal is to optimise traffic flow and minimise the negative impacts on the environment.


Traffic management

Our main responsibility is ensuring safe and uninterrupted traffic flow on Slovenian motorways and expressways. We carry out efficient traffic surveillance, we inform the public about emergencies in a timely manner, and we provide all necessary support in case of interventions. We cooperate with all services within DARS d.d., with firefighters, police, paramedics and other intervention services, as well as with traffic surveillance centres from the neighbouring countries.

Traffic supervisors manage traffic on a regional level, they communicate with motorway users in case of breakdowns and accidents, coordinate interventions in the early stages of emergencies, carefully manage traffic in tunnels, and –if necessary– close off motorways and expressways, and redirect traffic to alternative road networks.

Road safety management

We plan, execute and keep track of projects and other DARS d.d. activities, all of which affect the safety of our motorway users. Road safety experts and traffic engineers work actively on a daily basis to analyse road safety data and conditions, design and implement measures and improvements, and monitor road safety. We take active part in investments and reconstruction planing, road safety inspections, preventive campaigns, resolving problems related to road safety, installing traffic signalisation and road equipment. We participate in multiple road safety related projects on a national and international level.

Control centres positively affect on road safety and traffic flow

Traffic supervisors keep traffic conditions under close surveillance, they adjust speed limits, and warn, inform or redirect drivers, if necessary. They play a key role in guiding and saving drivers in case of fire in tunnels. In case of emergencies, our traffic control centres play a crucial role, as they are the ones to gather all the relevant information. They are among the first (oftentimes first) to be informed about the emergency, so they take on a leading role in the early stages of intervention. They commonly communicate with the police, firefighters and our maintenance teams. Situations that require the highest levels of expertise are fire accidents in tunnels, extreme weather conditions (frost, fog, blizzard, bora) and mass traffic accidents.


Systems of traffic surveillance and management

Traffic supervisors monitor and manage traffic 24/7 using advanced systems that provide automated alarms and automated traffic management measures, such as closing off the tunnel in case of fire or alerting users about wrong-way driving. These systems are our key tools in taking measures that facilitate safe and uninterrupted traffic flow.

Informing drivers via signalisation

Slovenia boasts one of the fastest systems for information transfer from the road to the surveillance centre and back to the drivers. Surveillance systems are managed by surveillance centres, while information systems are managed by the Traffic information centre (PIC).

We inform drivers about traffic conditions with the help of dynamic traffic information portals, which includes gantries, semi-gantries, dynamic traffic signs and dynamic guidance signalisation. This equipment serves to inform about traffic accidents and emergencies (such as congestion on a particular motorway section), as well as guide drivers using the required measures, such as adjusting the driving speed, changing lanes or using a different exit.

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Cooperating with firefighters, police, inspectorate services, administration for civil protection and disaster relief:

Cooperating with firefighters, police, paramedics and other intervention services is carried out with maximum efficiency, as we have a well-prepared programme with accurate directions on how accidents need to be treated.

Traffic supervisors are in constant contact with police, with whom they resolve and respond to all accidents and emergencies. DARS co-funds firefighting operations on a yearly basis, resulting in a well-organised accessibility and interventions in Slovenian tunnels. Intervention is routinely optimised with the help of tunnel and open road drills, which serve to train all rescue teams working on motorways and expressways.

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Traffic management during emergencies

During emergencies, our traffic surveillance centres play a crucial role, as they collect all the relevant information. They are among the first (oftentimes first) to be informed about the emergency, so they take on a leading the intervention at early stages of intervention. They commonly communicate with the police, firefighters and our maintenance teams.




Infrastructure management

We make sure that the road infrastructure is durable and operates continuously. We take care of uninterrupted traffic flow, noise protection, motorway safety and protection of the environment. To ensure all that, we carry out regular, additional and urgent inspections of equipment and the motorway network. We manage purchases and maintenance of equipment for road condition data collection and road monitoring, and set up expert guidelines for strategic upgrades and reconstructions.

We keep negative environmental impacts under control

The procedures for minimising negative impacts on the environment are stipulated by regulations regarding noise pollution and wastewater management. If negative impacts are found to be increasing, Ministry of the environment and spatial planning drafts an operative protection programme, passed by the government of the Republic of Slovenia, on the basis of which DARS subsequently takes suitable measures.