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We perform regular maintenance on motorways and expressways

To ensure that your journey is as enjoyable as possible, we perform regular maintenance on 625 kilometres of motorways and expressways, 143 kilometres of ramps, 22 kilometres of junctions, 27 kilometres of rest areas and 41 kilometres of other roads. Due to the increasing traffic volume, deterioration and ageing of constructed motorways, and construction of new motorway sections, the scope of required maintenance is becoming increasingly greater.

All maintenance work, such as repairing the steel safety barriers, cleaning signalisation, mowing grass, smaller-scale road patching and sealing, is performed by DARS d.d. employees. The road or lane closure in such cases usually lasts a day or two. These maintenance interventions are not scheduled or planned, but rather performed in accordance with the actual needs. They are sometimes urgent and require prompt action.

More than 120 different maintenance jobs are performed by a team of our employees – night and day, regardless of the weather conditions. Together we do more than 845,000 hours worth of maintenance to ensure the highest level of comfort on your journey.

Ensuring an uninterrupted traffic flow

We ensure a 24/7 uninterrupted traffic flow on motorways and expressways on at least one traffic lane.

Supervision of road conditions

By performing regular and additional inspections of roads and roadside equipment, we can accurately plan the required maintenance procedures.

Keeping motorways and expressways in good condition

By periodically performing reconstruction work, we ensure the highest possible level of safety and protection of roads, equipment and environment.

Yearly maintenance

Our yearly maintenance of motorways and expressways includes regular, additional and urgent inspections.

We perform machine and manual cleaning of roads, ditches, shafts, culverts, drainage, traffic signs and delineators. We also give special attention to the cleanliness of the roadside and removing garbage from rest areas. To ensure safety on the road, we repair roads and shoulders, maintain light-signaling devices on roads and in tunnels, patch potholes and seal cracks, and maintain barriers, fences and roadside equipment.
Our maintenance also includes taking care of vegetation. We mow grass, cut and prune vegetation manually and with machines. We plant grass, shrubbery and other types of vegetation on the road areas under our management.

Night maintenance

Night maintenance and reconstruction is carried out on the most exposed motorway and expressway sections, where partial lane or road closures would have the highest impact on the traffic flow. This enables us to carry out both preparatory and maintenance work regarding road repair, taking care of vegetation by spraying and cutting, cleaning with the help of high-pressure cleaners, fixing road markings, and setting up and removing signalisation; all without interruption.

Winter maintenance

Winter season can cause unexpected conditions, especially due to snowfall, frost, sleet and glaze ice on roads. Maintenance is extremely important during the winter season, as uninterrupted traffic flow is at high risk under difficult conditions. During the winter season (which typically lasts from 15 November of the current year until 15 March of the following year), we maintain roads in accordance with the executive program of winter services. The program is set up before winter season by the maintenance service team, and the Ministry of infrastructure and Ministry of the interior are notified in advance.

We do not just maintain. We save!

In the unfortunate event if your car break down on the emergency lane, our on-duty team will often be the first to arrive on the scene and help protect you and your vehicle using signalisation. In case of accidents, it is often our employees in orange reflective vests that help protect lives alongside firefighters and paramedics. Using our knowledge and our equipment, we make sure that the crash site is sufficiently secured to prevent further crashes.


Motorway bases

Maintenance is carried out by our employees stationed at the motorway bases (ACB's) in: Postojna, Slovenske Konjice, Ljubljana, Hrušica, Maribor, Kozina, Vransko, Novo mesto, Murska Sobota in izpostavah Logatec, Vipava, Dob, Drnovo, Podtabor and Ptuj. Each base is responsible for the maintenance of its corresponding motorway section.


ACB Kozina

From Senožeče to Izola, Škofije international border crossing (IBC) and Fernetiči IBC.

ACB Postojna

From Brezovica to Senožeče and from the Nanos junction to Vrtojba IBC.

ACB Ljubljana

Ljubljana motorway ring to Brezovica, Trebnje zahod, Domžale and Vodice.

ACB Hrušica

From Vodice to the Karavanke tunnel (including the tunnel).

ACN Novo mesto

From Trebnje zahod to Obrežje.

ACB Vransko

From Domžale to Arja vas.

ACB Slovenske Konjice

From Arja vas to Slivnica junction.

ACB Maribor

From Šentilj IBC to Slivnica junction, from Dragučova to Cerkvenjak and from Slivnica to Draženci, from Pesnica roundabout to Maribor Vzhod (Ptujska cesta).

ACB Murska Sobota

From Cerkvenjak to Dolga vas roundabout (including the roundabout) and Pince IBC.