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Towing service

In accordance with the Roads Act (ZCes-2) and the Road Traffic Rules Act (ZPrCP), the Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia (DARS) is the motorway and carriageways operator in the Republic of Slovenia, and as such is obliged to remove all obstacles from motorways and carriageways, which include broken down, damaged or abandoned vehicles, and thus ensure a safe traffic flow.

Notwithstanding the provisions of ZPrCP, the change in ZCes-2 refers only to the removal of vehicles whose maximum permissible weight exceeds 3,500 kg, whereas Article 30, item 11 of ZPrCP remains in effect, under which the driver of a vehicle, the maximum permissible weight of which does not exceed 3,500 kg, who made an emergency stop in the emergency lane or lay-by, must himself/herself ensure that the vehicle is removed immediately, i.e. within 2 hours. The driver of such a vehicle may in this case call a roadside assistance service or any other towing service of his/her choice in order to have the vehicle removed. If the driver fails to do the above, then the vehicle shall be removed by the regular maintenance provider of DARS d.d. at the expense of the driver. Even in the case when the driver himself/herself fails to primarily organise the removal of the obstacle, DARS d.d. shall task the contractual service providers for the removal of vehicles (chosen on the basis of the public call) to remove passenger cars from the emergency lanes or lay-by lanes.

On the basis of Article 5, paragraph 5 of ZCes-2, which states that DARS d.d. must immediately and with no delay remove from the road all obstacles and other adverse consequences which could damage roads or endanger, hinder, or worsen the safety of traffic on such roads, passenger vehicles which are stopped on the traffic or express lanes or on the road in a way that hinders traffic, will be removed immediately with no option for the driver to remove the vehicle himself/herself. Even in this case, all costs related to the removal of obstacles or other adverse consequences of prohibited actions, or security of obstacles or dangerous places on the road, shall be borne by the person responsible for the obstacle or dangerous place on the road, therefore drivers will be issued an invoice for the performed service directly by the contractual vehicle removal service providers. Even in such cases, the vehicle removal service shall be charged in accordance with the price list of DARS d.d.


 Towing service pricelist (valid from 15. 9. 2023.pdf

The removal of obstacles from motorways and carriageways, roadside assistance services and mobile crane operation services, are divided into nine territorial zones - areas of DARS motorway bases:

  • zone no. 1 - ACB Postojna: Avtovleka Jerneja Kopitar s.p., Assistance Coris, d. o. o.;
  • zone no. 2 - ACB Slovenske Konjice: Draganović, d.o.o.;
  • zone no. 3 - ACB Ljubljana: Avtovleka Jerneja Kopitar s.p., Avtovleka Požar storitve d.o.o.;
  • zone no. 4 - ACB Hrušica: Junik M d.o.o.;
  • zone no. 5 - ACB Maribor: Draganović d.o.o..;
  • zone no. 6 - ACB Kozina: Avtovleka Jerneja Kopitar s.p., Assistance Coris, d. o. o.;
  • zone no. 7 - ACB Vransko: Draganović, d.o.o.;
  • zone no. 8 - ACB Novo mesto: Avtovleka Jerneja Kopitar s.p., Avtovleka Požar storitve d.o.o.;
  • zone no. 9 - ACB Murska Sobota: Draganović, d.o.o.


The contractual service providers must strictly respect the price list containing the maximum allowed prices for the obstacle removal service.


The contractual service providers for the removal of obstacles from motorways and carriageways, roadside assistance and mobile crane operations, are performing their services with vehicles equipped with magnetic logos "Pogodbenik DARS, številka ..." (DARS Contractor, number ...)

The chosen contractual vehicle removal service providers will offer their services at all nine zones, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The response time from the moment the contractor receives the call from the ACB emergency service of the motorway and carriageway operator, DARS d.d., responsible for each territorial zone, up to the moment the contractor arrives to the location of event, is 45 minutes for vehicles of up to 3,500 kg of maximum permissible weight, and 60 minutes for vehicles over 3,500 kg of maximum permissible weight. The exception is the Karavanke tunnel, which has a special response time: 25 minutes for vehicles of up to and above 3,500 kg of maximum permissible weight.

DARS, as the operator of motorways and carriageways in accordance with the regulations, is obliged to ensure conditions for the safe flow of traffic, therefore we have to guarantee the removal of vehicles. If a vehicle hinders traffic, and as such, is endangering the safety of other vehicles, such a vehicle must be removed immediately, i.e. withdrawn from the drivable areas. The biggest issue in the removal of vehicles are goods vehicles, buses, and vans. The conditions for their removal are more difficult compared to passenger vehicles, due to their weight and dimensions. Therefore, a timely provision of the necessary assistance is especially important.


When you need assistance and the obstacle needs to be removed from the motorway immediately, please call the Traffic Information Centre (PIC) at +386 1 518 8 518.