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Traffic information centre

The traffic information centre informs the general public about the conditions and traffic flow on all state roads. Its main activities include collecting and forwarding/sharing traffic information about all state roads in Slovenia. The centre works closely with similar centres from the neighbouring countries.

Traffic information collection

The traffic information centre collects information about the conditions and traffic flow on state roads from different sources (surveillance centres, maintenance teams, inspectors, police, toll enforcement teams, drivers, Notification Centre of the Republic of Slovenia ...) and forwards it to the public via different media outlets 24/7 throughout the year.

Informing the general public about traffic conditions via different media outlets

Operators in the Traffic information centre (PIC) inform drivers about traffic conditions by relaying information to various radio and television stations. They simultaneously provide information directly to drivers via the phone number: 1970, answering machine: 080 22 44, and web application: Traffic information is also automatically published on the DarsPromet+ mobile application and Twitter account @promet_si. Slovenia is the only European country to publish traffic information regarding the neighbouring countries.

Cooperation with control centres from neighbouring countries

We cooperate with the neighbouring countries on the basis of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and on the basis of Traffic Management Plan. Cooperation with major surveillance centres from the neighbouring countries is currently managed through the Traffic information centre, but plans to establish our own Main surveillance centre are already in the works. Due to the rising traffic density, cooperating with the neighbouring countries is becoming increasingly important, as it enables us to redirect traffic to alternative motorway connections of neighbouring countries in case of emergencies or larger-scale catastrophies. Due to to this cooperation, we have managed to reduce congestions significantly,thereby successfully improving traffic flow on international road corridors.

Traffic information 24/7

The traffic information centre provides 24/7 information about the traffic conditions on motorways, expressways and other public roads.

Traffic information centre

080 22 44 - INFO@TEL
DarsPromet +

With DarsPromet+ application, you are always up-to-date regarding current conditions on all major roads in Slovenia. The application provides information on traffic density and estimated travel times, traffic information, road cameras, and a list of rest areas including their offer. This information is being refreshed continuously.

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