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The company and its stakeholders

Long-term business stability.


Ensuring the safety, uninterrupted traffic flow and comfort for users of the motorway network.


Enthusiastic and competent employees.


By taking modern approaches and acting responsibly towards the environment, we optimize traffic flow and ensure safety and comfort on the Slovenian motorway network.


The driving force behind our current and future operations is connectivity in all its forms. Our mission is therefore focused on:

  • the users, with whom we connect on the basis of safety, reliability and comfort on their journey,
  • the sustainable development of society and its entire environment, with which we connect on the basis of operating in an increasingly efficient and successful manner, as well as maintaining a responsible relationship with our stakeholders: its founder,
  • the needs of our employees, with whom we connect on the basis of ensuring a safe, creative and engaging working environment.

Our values


We care for the environment within which we operate. We ensure a safe working environment for our employees, the safety of both our business partners and the users of the Slovenian motorway network (by being their reliable partner on the road) and keeping the natural environment intact.


We observe a high level of respect and trust aimed at all stakeholders of our company in our day-to-day operations, which is reflected in the interactions between employees, the users, the founder, and our business partners.


We continuously encourage new and modern approaches to the services of our company, as well as developing new and improving existing ones. We always strive to be even more energy-efficient. We think creatively and innovatively, as this enables us to design innovative services with a high level of added value for our users, employees, companies and the founder.


By acting responsibly towards ourselves and the society, we take care of all our duties and a quality realisation of our tasks, taking into consideration our users, our environment (we harmonise our activities based on the abilities and needs of the natural environment) and other stakeholders with whom we cooperate (suppliers, contractors, other business partners, the founder and the local community). We pride ourselves on being a reliable business partner.