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We invest and reconstruct for our users

As a responsible road authority, DARS d.d. strives to keep the motorways open and safe. Due to the rising traffic volume, deterioration and ageing of constructed motorways, the scope of required maintenance work is becoming increasingly greater. To ensure better traffic flow and safety, we build new sections and invest in maintenance and development. We are mostly funded by bank loans and our own resources; another important source of financing are European grants.

We build new sections and reduce distances

Construction and planning of new sections are one of the founding tasks of DARS d.d. Our mission is to connect: we create commercial connections within Slovenia and weave it into international currents, which are seamlessly integrated into the environment through environmentally friendly facilities. Newly built sections and other infrastructural projects guarantee a faster, shorter and safer journey for our users. Motorways take on a large portion of international traffic from existing main and regional roads, thereby directly and positively affecting the quality of life of the local population.

Infrastructural projects

A4: Draženci - Gruškovje
Length in km: 13. The remaining (approximate) 6 kilometres of motorway to the Slovenian-Croatian border will be open for traffic in Autumn 2018.

Karavanke tunnel
By building a new parallel tunnel tube in the next five years, which will measure approximately 3,546 metres in length on the Slovenian side, our roads will receive a modern double tunnel, thereby greatly increasing the traffic flow.
Third development axis
The third development axis will establish a traffic connection from the north to the southeastern part of Slovenia (from Austrian to the Croatian border).



Reconstruction involves all larger-scale and more complex maintenance procedures. The main objective of reconstruction is a longer-term repair of individual motorway sections. It is carried out periodically depending on the road condition and damage on the roads. Requirements for improvement of the roads' traffic-technical properties, protective measures, environment protection and road safety are also taken into account.

Motorway reconstructions in 2018

If we wish to ensure the highest possible level of safety and comfort on our roads even when driving at higher speed, they must be maintained and reconstructed regularly. The majority of investment maintenance procedures involve larger-scale reconstructions, which DARS d.d. entrusts to contractors through public procurement. The following larger-scale reconstructions are planned for this year:

Primorska motorway, A1

The Ravbarkomanda viaduct reconstruction began last year and is scheduled to continue this spring (weather permitting). The carriageway in the direction of Ljubljana will be closed; traffic will be redirected along two narrowed lanes about a kilometre in length.

Overlay will be carried out on the road at the Nanos junction (A1/H4) and the Primorska motorway, as well as on the Primorska motorway A1 at the Logatec ramp.

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Vipava expressway, H4

Construction work on the Vipava expressway is also scheduled to continue in spring, where the approximately 8-kilometre long road on both sides is scheduled to be reconstructed (Vipava-Ajdovščina-Selo section).

Like during last year's reconstruction, traffic will be two-way along one carriageway, one lane only for each direction. Looking from the Vipava direction, the reconstruction will begin about 2 kilometres before the Ajdovščina ramp right up to the point where last year's reconstruction ended (applicable to both carriageways).

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Gorenjska motorway, A2

Construction work will continue on the Hrušica-Lipce motorway section, where we will reconstruct the Podmežakla 1 and 2 viaducts. Like during last year's reconstruction, traffic will be two-way along one carriageway, one lane only for each direction

Dolenjska motorway, A2

Overlay is planned for the approximately 6-kilometre long section of the A2 Grosuplje-Ivančna Gorica section (in the direction of Novo mesto), as well as overlay of approximately 7 kilometres long A2 Dobruška vas-Drnovo section (both carriageways).

The latter was scheduled for overlay during autumn of last year, but was postponed due to the contract with the tenderer having been signed in December later that year.

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Removal of head toll stations

In 2018, we will remove the head toll stations Log, Torovo, Hrušica, Nanos, Dane, Drnovo, Vransko, Tepanje and side entry toll stations Vrhnika, Logatec, Unec, Postojna, Razdrto, Krško and Slovenske Konjice.

The booths at the Hrušica toll station will remain on location, as despite the implementation of the DarsGo system on 1 April 2018 for heavy vehicles, personal vehicles are still required to stop at the station to pay for the Karavanke tunnel toll. The platform at the Hrušica toll station will be reconstructed. Procurement for removal and reconstruciotn of the remaining toll stations (6 head- and 12 side stations) is planned for the second half of the year (likely in autumn), while execution is planned for 2019.

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