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Safety and uninterrupted traffic flow

Ensuring traffic safety, uninterrupted traffic flow and comfort for the motorway network users.

Business stability

Ensuring long-term business stability by implementing lean business and promoting business excellence.

Employee competence

Continuous enhancement of employee competence. Creating an inspiring, safe and engaging working environment.

Management policy

By performing our tasks professionally and responsibly, both the management and the employees pledge to do everything in our power to meet the demands and expectations of those we interact with: the users, the founder, the employees, the environment, and other stakeholders.

Our business success is carefully planned, managed and supervised. We are committed to the continuous improvement of all business processes with a special emphasis on preventive measures. Our main objective is operating in a quality, environmentally and energetically efficient way, as well as providing a safe and comprehensive service to the employees.

We enact the management policy in the following ways:

  • by responsible decision-making, based on accurate information and facts,
  • by establishing good conditions and relationships for and with all stakeholders, both internally and externally,
  • by encouraging proactive operating with the emphasis on innovative employees,
  • by diligently following the legislation and other binding demands and development guidelines,
  • by cooperating with partners and other contractors in a mutually beneficial way, supporting the development of the field and acquiring new knowledge and skills,
  • by communicating actively within the company and with the external public,
  • by being committed to preventing health decline and injuries of our employees ,
  • by establishing and reaching measurable goals of improvement in all fields of operations, purchasing goods and services, and planning new solutions, we take into account all aspects of our operations (environment, energy, quality, safety, economics).